Healthy and Ready

Our plants are fully vernalized and uniquely grown to allow us to ship an ever-changing selection of plants in color each week of the season. Plants grown by Perennial Favorites hold up to the unpredictable weather conditions of the intermountain area. Choosing Perennial Favorites gives you longer shelf-life and more color to sell, which means more inventory turns for you.

Much of Perennial Favorites growing facility is outdoors growing in Mother Nature and the elements.  This helps plants to be vernalized and adaptable to high heat or freezing conditions. Growing this way allows the plants to come into maturity and color when Mother Nature intends. This creates better quality plants by increasing bloom time, shelf life, and ease of establishment with little to no climate shock for plants upon delivery.

Not all products, especially annuals and edibles, can be gown outdoors and be ready for Mother’s Day and other planting seasons.  These items must be grown in a greenhouse with heat and better conditions than Mother Nature can provide early in the season. However, Perennial Favorites hardens these items off to the cold temperatures or heat before they ship.  This makes them less susceptible to the unpredictable weather which gives a superior quality plant. This is one area that sets Perennial Favorites apart from other growers.

Perennial Favorites growing staff has over 100 years combined growing experience.  They believe in using integrated pest management. Weekly scouting occurs in production areas to observe and identify insects and other factors that affect plant health. Their plant knowledge also allows them to select and grow an ever-changing selection of plants each season. 

They are actively going to plant trials and tradeshows to stay up on the most current varieties and technology. They also continue to update and change protocols to become more efficient and have less of a footprint. They strive to be green and help others and communities achieve the same goal. 

Perennial Favorites Nursery celebrates plants and their lives!