Outside Sales Application

Outside Sales Representative

Outside Sales Position will be responsible for performing customer service activities within a wholesale store environment, selling product to customers, and proactively calling your customer base in both Landscape and Retail. This position will also help with day-to-day operations to make orders and productivity flow as best as possible.  

This is a full-time position and is eligible for full benefits package including health, dental, IRA and PTO. This is an excellent opportunity to work for a family run and oriented company. Please come join our great family and working environment.  


  • Maintaining Sales Customers. 
    • Seeking and taking orders, order accuracy, pre-booking orders.
    • Maintaining relationships with ALL customers. 
    • Providing bids and quotes. 
    • Coordinating logistics between departments and customers.  
    • Collections.

Customer Service

  • Making sales, answering phones, and ensuring order accuracy to the highest level.  
  • Helping with ALL orders when needed. 
  • Prospecting for New Customers. 
  • Attending Tradeshows and Continuing Education.  
  • Pulling Will-Call orders and part time order puller and processor when time permits. 
  • Receiving incoming shipments. 
  • Making invoices and taking payments. 
  • Coordinating logistics.  
  • Help with office supplies and restocking. 
  • Expected to stay until the job is finished, long hours in spring. 
    • No time off accepted in April, May, June (our busy season). 


  • Excellent customer service skills. 
  • Solid proficiency with Excel and working knowledge of other Microsoft Office products. 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication and organizational skills, including being professional and courteous in all communications. 
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills with the ability to research and resolve issues in a prompt and timely manner, while working under pressure. 
  • Ability to learn work on our website, availability, catalog, and other online applications. 
  • Familiar with Quick Books and taking payments, but not required.  
  • Completing and distributing reports as needed by managers. 
  • Bilingual in English and Spanish preferred, but not required.  
  • 2-4 years in the Horticulture industry or a Horticulture degree.
    • Plant knowledge, genus, species, and varieties. 
    • Plant Characteristics i.e. height, width, bloom color, water needs, hardiness, soil requirements. 
    • Landscaping Requirements, spacing, what works in which climates, etc.  
    • Popular trends for retail and landscape customers. 
  • Sales experience preferred, but not required. 

Sales Territory 

    • 150+ Customers. Area: Eastern Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Central and Southern Utah, and Colorado. 
      • Retail Garden Centers, Landscapers, and Re-Wholesalers. 
      • Will need to help with designs on a limited basis. 
      • Be able to provide substitutions when needed. 
      • Ability to stay very well organized. 
      • Prompt responses to customers through whatever medium they prefer.  
    • Grow Existing Customers  
      • Current sales are around $1,500,000.00 annually.  
      • 5-10% annual sales growth needs to be maintained. 
      • Sales Trips and Cold Calls to potential new customers. 
    • Shipping/Will Calls. 
      • Responsible for all order preparation before the shipping deadline. 
      • Contact with customers on particulars for delivery, i.e. correct address, phone numbers, drop times, pick up times, etc. 
      • Responsible for keeping all orders and inventory organized and ready to be pulled/shipped. 
  • Additional Responsibilities 
    • During the off season you will help with a wide assortment of projects such as: 
      • Equipment repair and maintenance. 
      • Additional construction projects as they arise. 
      • Helping with additional customers and orders for the remaining sales office. 
      • Planting, trimming, watering, propagation, and construction projects.  
      • Inputting crops, updating inventory, and availability.  
      • Any and all other tasks that management deems necessary. 

Salary, Bonus, & Benefits 

  • Annual salary of $40,000.00-60,000.00 based on education and experience (Plus Commission Bonus) 
    • Raises each year to Salary depending on Performance and Sales Year. 
  • Annual Bonus (Depending on Performance and Sales Year). 
    •  First Year; 0.15% of total Annual Sales (2022=$10,600.00). 
    • Second Year; 0.2% of total Annual Sales (2022=$14,000.00). 
    • Third Year; 0.25% of total Annual Sales (2022=$17,500.00). 
    • Higher Sales each year will equate to larger bonuses. 
  • Paid Time Off (PTO). 
    • 24 hours paid PTO available after 120 days, 40 hours paid PTO available after one year. 
    • Additional 8 hours PTO earned each year up to a total of 80 hours of PTO. 
    • 1 week Christmas to New Year’s PTO (48 Hours). 
    • All major holidays paid. 
  • Benefits 
    • 100% of dental and vision premiums (employee and family). 
    • 50% of health premium (employee only). 
    • IRA employee contribution match up to 3% of total wages. 
    • Short Term and Long Term Disability with life insurance. 


A Laptop and phone with all fees associated will be paid for by Perennial Favorites.  If you incur additional charges outside of the normal operation of your job, you will be responsible for those charges. If you damage or break your phone before an upgrade is possible you will be required to pay for a new phone as it is essential for your job. Cell phone insurance is available, but you will be responsible to pay the premium each month.  

Vehicle Reimbursement 

Travel will be required on your own personal vehicle for Sales Calls and other appointments. You will receive a reimbursement for all miles traveled in your own vehicle beyond the normal commute to and from Perennial Favorites. Rates to be determined later depending on Fuel and Vehicle Costs.  

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