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Plants can be native, introduced, house, garden, tender, waterwise, water guzzlers, et. al.  Wow! I’m really just warming up!    House plants, and how did I land on that to pick?  Long story but we have them. Geraniums, Jade Trees, Cyclamen, an Orchid (that blooms each year, despite our inattention), Parsley (from last year’s herb garden), Cacti, and even an air plant! Now, my daughter wants to form a house plant club! Is this Covid related?   Well, no matter what category a plant lands in, its ultimate success is dependent on even watering during the establishment phase, and then seasonal attention thereafter.    Our houseplants for instance are watered mostly weekly in winter, unless there are a string of sunny days.  Basking in winter sun begs for water a day or two earlier than scheduled.  Furthermore, all house plants including tropicals, are on the rebound in late winter and can use start up fertilizer and a trim, maybe?     That leggy Geranium can be cut back with a purpose! Cut deeply if needed and trim to a 4-5” cutting. Remove leaves up the stem leaving 2 or 3 at the topknot. Cut the bottom stem ¼” below the last joint (node).  Place in a bottle of water above the kitchen sink.  When roots have developed, transplant to a small pot using a soil-less potting medium and then come spring plant in a favorite spot.    By the way, it’s much simpler to check the Perennial Favorites availability listings. Plenty of choices are awaiting the click of your mouse. But if you’ve saved grandma’s favorite from last season, try the above and smile at the memories.

Lame Jokes

A guy and a girl are having a drink together in a bar. The man raises his glass and says, “Here’s hoping you’re in Heaven ten minutes before the devil knows you’re dead!”
“What does that mean?” asks the girl.
“That,” answers her date, “is an authentic Irish toast.”
“Oh. Well, here’s to bread, eggs and cinnamon.”
“Bread, eggs and cinnamon? What’s that?”
The girl says, “That’s a French toast.”

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