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Did you know Coral Bells are native to the intermountain west? Yes, a reddish to pink flowering, green-leaf species and a yellowish green flowered type grow generally on north facing rocky ledges in our canyons. Garden Creek Canyon, for instance, is west of Arimo, Idaho and a great visual destination to visit a riot of late spring flowering Coral Bells. A rock climbers’ paradise, the alum root, as it’s sometimes called, thrives in the rocky crevices of the quartzite uplift. A dwarf form of the Garden Creek Coral Bell, the ‘Sandia Mountain Alumroot’, Heuchera pulchella, is part of our ever-expanding collection of this plant at Perennial Favorites. Note, there are several pages of Heuchera on our availability listing on-line and in our catalog. A long story unfolds as one looks in the rabbit hole of Heuchera hybridization. Just as our nursery was beginning 30 years ago, the reigning ‘Perennial Plant of the Year’ was ‘Purple Palace’, a new hybrid from a California Coral Bells. Its shades of purple and green with white flowers have been a feature in numerous shade gardens. Although new introductions like ‘Obsidian’ are available. Purple Palace still retains its prominence in our listings. There are dozens more to check out as well as propagators using tissue culture that provide an avenue for new introductions. Check out the newest ‘cutest’ Coral Bells in this weeks’ availability list!

Think the comments on internet posts are tough? See what happened when the Washington Post asked its readers to write intentionally angry letters to actual headlines.

Headline: 20,000 Pound Pavement to Help Homeless

Response: Are you people idiots? What the homeless need are homes, not ten tons of additional pavement!

Headline: Maryland Agrees to Tobacco Settlement

Response: Well, that’s all we need – an entire settlement of people devoted to their cancer sticks. What’s next, a drunk-driving commune?

Headline: C.C. United Se Une Hoy a Campana Solidaria Pro Centroamerica

Response: I was disgusted with the sloppy spelling for this article.  There were so many typos, I couldn’t understand a word.

A headline from a local newspaper in Brookfield, Wisconsin: Appleton Airport May Soon Be Known as Appleton Airport.

Free: Piano with matching bench seat, very good condition, all keys work probably. Source: Gettysburg Area Merchandiser

Free Vain Screening. Source: Boston Globe

Free rent in exchange for elderly woman. Source: Submitted by James Hutchinson, Carroll Valley, Pennsylvania


Spotted in the classifieds: “For sale: cemetery plot, $200, so I don’t have to spend all eternity beside my ex!” New Castle, PA

“Now hiring. Cemetery superintendent.  The ideal candidate must be able to supervise in a fast-paced environment.” A.S., via internet

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