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It may be past time to spruce up your leggy hanging basket. Cut, thin, pink – all apply when that once robust basket starts to droop.  You may have trailing Sweet Potato Vine, Thunbergia, Lotus, Vinca Vine, Creeping Jenny, Glechoma and on and on it goes.  But no matter! A good cut sends a message back up the stem to the resting buds in between leaves and stem.  The message is Wake Up!  Don’t be dainty! Make more severe choices and cut 18”-24” off the longest trailing stems.  Then cut some to 12” and tip the rest.  This feathering allows for a more natural look immediately after the trim, but assures the greatest number of latent buds will break into that full look your planter had when you originally purchased it.    Plan to add a fertilization plan to add pop to the pruning procedure. Slow release granular combinations are available as well as soluble formulations.   Ask your nursery professional for help to tailor an approach most suited to your lifestyle.    Remember, these men and women have devoted a lifetime to greening up our surroundings.  Let them help you green up your part of the planet!

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